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Terms and Conditions


By consenting to the terms and conditions of our shop you hereby understand and agree that the items you are ordering are handmade, custom/personalized, made to order items that are designed and created by Age With Imperfections LLC specifically for your order. These custom items take time to create. Depending on the complexity of your designs and approval your order could take up to 10 business days for final design approval. We do ask that you order for your event at least 3 weeks in advance. 
Please verify you have the correct spelling of your custom/personalized items before you proceed. Please make sure your photo is clear with a minimum background (300dpi). You may be asked to send a different photo if the quality is not clear enough. I will create your proof within 2-5 business days. Please take the time to review your design. You will only receive one revision. Any changes thereafter will require an extra revision fee. 

We do our best to duplicate each design, however, because each item is handmade, we cannot guarantee that any two (or more) items will be exactly alike. There may be some slight imperfections. Actual colors may slightly vary due to screen variation and brightness settings. Check the item(s) carefully on the finish of the materials.


Predesigned orders will ship a bit faster because the design is already created. Keep in mind if supplies are limited you will be notified If you want to add on extra fonts that would fall under the "CUSTOMIZED/PERSONALIZED ORDERS" policy.